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For business owners who are looking for a legal advisor with expertise in corporate legal matters

We handle a broad range of legal issues that individual business owners or corporations may encounter, including labor management issues involving foreign workers, transactions with foreign nationals and companies, and legal issues related to start-ups in Japan founded by foreign nationals. One of our office’s core strengths is our ability to deal with such complex and diverse legal issues in an appropriate and prompt manner.

Jun Kajita

We will provide full support to business owners
suffering under COVID-19!

  • Support for subsidy and loan applications related to COVID-19
  • Q&A on labor issues related to COVID-19
  • You can also consult with us online (e.g., via Skype or Zoom)!

Why should I have a legal advisor?

Contacting a law firm can be a daunting task for small and medium-sized business owners. Entering into a legal advisory contract with a law firm in advance of potential issues or complexities provides tremendous benefit to such business owners in that doing so lowers the psychological hurdle of consulting with a lawyer. In addition, by maintaining regular contact and building a face-to-face relationship with your lawyer, you will be able to prevent disputes from occurring or, in case a dispute were to arise, prevent it from escalating.

You may also retain us as a secondary advisor!

Our lawyers are professionals in the field of labor management for foreign nationals. If your current legal advisor does not have expertise in this field, you may retain us as a secondary advisor.
By entering into a legal advisory agreement with us while keeping your current advisor, you will be able to take advantage of your legal advisors’ respective areas of expertise depending on the matter (e.g., entrusting to us all labor management issues related to foreign nationals).
For clients who retain us as a secondary legal advisor, we will establish the advisory fee in a flexible manner so that the cost will not be a heavy burden for you.